Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ask The Gentle Mom: Bedtime

How do you get your son to sleep so late?  -Joanne

Joanne, it's actually pretty simple: we put him to bed late!

Now, I know the common wisdom is that babies should be asleep before 9:00, but that just doesn't work for Trey.  His entire life, he's always preferred going to bed late and then sleeping in.  When he was much younger, and everyone was constantly telling me my son was up too late, I actually tried moving his bedtime earlier.  It didn't work, at all.  He was miserable, and so were we.

These days, we allow Trey's bedtime to be dictated by his body's natural rhythms.  That means he's usually up until at least 10:30 at night, and sometimes as late as 11:30.  He generally sleeps until 10:00 or 11:00; the other day, he didn't get out of bed until almost noon!  And on those rare occasions when we have to wake him up early, he's grumbly and irritable straight through until his nap.  My son is just not a morning person!


  1. I had the opposite problem when my daughter was little. She woke up extremely early - nothing we could do. People would always suggest we put her to bed later (as if we hadn't tried this) but going to bed later meant she would wake up even earlier.


  2. Which just goes to show - babies all have their own unique personalities. Some of them are morning people, some of them are night owls, and there's nothing we parents can do to change it!

  3. Like Dina, I have the opposite problem. However, I was always like Trey. Are you going to homeschool? My sleep issues cause A LOT of problems with getting up for school but it wasn't something I could change.

  4. YES, we're definitely homeschooling, at least in the early years. So we'll be able to work with Trey's natural sleep patterns.

  5. I know that you co-sleep. Just wondering what you do when Trey does sleep in and you are out of bed to make sure he doesn't fall out of bed? My daughter is a wiggle worm, so we had to start sleeping her in her crib because of this.

  6. Well, Trey is a VERY still sleeper, so I usually just prop some pillows next to him and call it a day. If he tossed and turned, I would consider getting some guard rails for the bed, which I could put up any time he was alone. They can be purchased from medical supply shops, and aren't too expensive, as far as I know.


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