Friday, September 9, 2011

Frugal Fridays: How to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom, Part Nine: Cash-Back Shopping

Note: this post is Part Nine in an ongoing series.  You can read previous entries here.

One of my favorite simple money saving tricks is to make online purchases through cash-back shopping sites like Ebates and Shop at Home.

These sites are ridiculously easy to use.  After you join, simply access your favorite online retailers via links from either Ebates or Shop at Home.  Every time you make a purchase, you'll earn a percentage of your expenditure back - in cash.  Nice, right?

Any time I plan to buy something online, I check both Ebates and Shop at Home to see which is offering a larger rebate.  I make my purchase, and within a matter of days, my account is credited with a small amount of cash back.

You're not going to earn a ton of cash back this way; most stores offer 3% - 5% rebates.  However, if you're going to be making a purchase anyway, why not earn a little money back - even if it's just a few cents?  Over time, the savings do add up.

Do you use Ebates or Shop at Home?  Do you have another cash-back site you prefer?  Can you share any other tips for saving money on online purchases?

For more money saving tips, visit Life as Mom.

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  If you sign up for Ebates or Shop at Home after following the links provided here, I will receive a small compensation.  If you're not comfortable with that, but still want to sign up for one of the programs, please open a new browser window.


  1. So, I could, in theory, sign up for one of these sites, shop on using my Swagbucks gift cards, and make money back? That's...awesome.

  2. Oh, Amazon isn't on there :(

  3. Unfortunately not. But just about every other retailer under the sun is. I've bought a lot of Old Navy stuff through Ebates, actually.


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