Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Which I Expound Upon Absolutely Nothing of Relevance

I'm fairly sure he could have written a better blog post than I just did...
Today I find myself in the unusual position of having nothing to write.  I know what I'll be posting tomorrow, and Monday, and Tuesday.  Possibly even Wednesday.   But today?  Nada.

I suppose that's not entirely true.  I had planned a short, humorous piece for today, but abandoned the idea at the last second.  It was the kind of thing that those who don't really know me may have found off-putting, or possibly even offensive.  And since I value clarity in my writing, the idea of posting something that may be difficult for most readers to "get" was a little too off-putting to pursue.  So I bagged it.

And now, I'm left with very little to say.

Our day hasn't been particularly noteworthy.  Trey and I folded laundry, organized a few kitchen cabinets, and baked a loaf of bread.  We read a stack of books, played with his toy trucks, and danced to the Glee soundtrack.  We ate grapes and cheese and leftover soup for lunch.  A lovely day, to be sure, but hardly the stuff of compelling blog posts.

I thought about commenting on some of the more interesting parenting news out there right now, but the topic left me cold.  I've been turned inward, lately, focused on hearth and home, family and friends, with very little thought for news and culture and current events.  Such insularity isn't typical for me, and it isn't likely to last.  But right now, as I clamor for something to say, I am merely afloat in a sea of half-digested articles about HPV vaccines helicopter parenting offensive T-shirts lunchbox safety Boy Scout scandals and all I can muster is a general sense that the world is bad and must be changed and surely someday I will do something to change it, but for now I'll just snuggle my baby and bake some bread and finish reading Oliver Twist.

So there you have it: the frighteningly myopic ramblings of a woman with nothing to say.

(Thank God tomorrow is Frugal Friday.)

What's floating around in your brain these days?  Are you feeling engaged with or cut off from the world? 

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  1. I've been in a blogging funk for the last few weeks. It's not really fun when when all I want to do is whine. I'm sure no one cares. Pessimistic blog posts don't seem like a good way to engage people. So I'm grading my college class. And dreaming about calling the elementary school to enroll at least my oldest... ;-)


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