Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kitchen Tip: Baking with Bananas

Everyone knows brown bananas are best for baking.  But did you know you can get satisfactory results from yellow bananas, too?

Here's how: about half an hour before you begin baking, mash your yellow bananas thoroughly with a fork.  Allow them to sit while you prep the rest of your ingredients.  Then, when you're ready to add bananas to your recipe, quickly mash the fruit a second time.

Your pale, semi-firm bananas will become much softer and darker this way.  This, of course, means your cake, bread, or muffins will be moist, sweet, and full of flavor - almost as good as if you'd used brown bananas!

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  1. Oh... yummy! I wonder if I can try banana bread or muffins with them. Hopefully it'll taste good.

  2. What a wonderful tip, I'm sure that my baby will love this. Thanks.


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