Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Style

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In spite of trying to let go of first-world problems, today I find myself preoccupied with something utterly trivial, shallow, and self-centered.  You see, I think I need some new clothes.

I have some real issues when it comes to fashion.  I like pretty clothes, I want to look nice, but I hate shopping.  With a passion.  And so, I either order stuff online, grab it off the rack at Old Navy, or steal it from my mom's closet.  Which results in my having a wardrobe filled with items that fit poorly, look bad on me, feel uncomfortable, and never get worn.  And then, because they're cheap, they fall apart in the wash. 

I currently own one pair of jeans I really like, and maybe three or four tops I don't completely hate.  Plus, as I mentioned above, I occasionally steal my mom's shirts, which are cute, but don't fit me all that well.  I'm not super crazy about most of my shoes.  And the one pair I really like don't work with my one pair of acceptable jeans.  So most days, I feel pretty miserable about the way I'm dressed.

I know fashion and clothes and whatnot aren't important.  But I hate always feeling awkward and uncomfortable in the things I wear.  So I need to make a change.

Which means that in 2012, I'm going to try to build a new wardrobe for myself.  I'm going to only buy things I've tried on at length.  That are comfortable and fit well and make me look good.  That coordinate with one another, so I'm never again left with a top I love but can't wear because it doesn't go with any of my bottoms.  Oh, yes, and I'm going to suck it up and buy high quality clothes from respectable stores.  You know, stuff that won't be unusable after six weeks of wear.

And then, once that's all done, I'm going to forget about clothes and worry about important things.  But until then, do you have any tips for me?  Where should I shop?  What styles should I try?  What brands?  Colors?  Are there any fashion bloggers or websites I need to check out?  Help, please.  Please?


  1. Some advice from a gal who enjoys fashion and shopping:

    1. Try everything on.
    2. Expect that you will like, at best, 10% of what you take into the dressing room.
    3. Pay ZERO attention to the number on the tag. It means absolutely nothing and has only as much power as you are willing to give it.
    4. Don't hesitate to ask for help from a sales person. They get paid for it.
    5. When in doubt, pull the items you see paired on the mannequins.
    6. Do some research on the websites for the stores in which you will be shopping. Most have lookbooks or featured style sections that show various outfits and all of the pieces that were used to make them.
    7. Leave Trey at home with the hubby.
    8. Take along a friend who has a good eye for fashion, knows (or is willing to get to know) what you like, and will be brutally honest with you.
    9. Don't be afraid to try something that might be out of your comfort zone.
    10. Stick with classic pieces that can be mixed and matched, but don't be afraid to buy one or two trendy items.
    11. Call me if none of these help. I will shop with you!

  2. I may take you up on that, because you always look fabulous. And you won't tell me I look amazing in every single thing I try on, just to spare my feelings.

    So now if I want to do some research before I shop, where should I look? I can usually find cute stuff at Macy's. But beyond that...I'm lost. I occasionally find something I like at Lane Bryant, but their clothes aren't really my style. Torrid? People say good things, but maybe I'm too old for them????

  3. Awww....thanks!

    I say start with Macy's and Lane Bryant. I agree that Torrid is "too young". I am not a fan. Also, Gap has extended sizes available on their website. You might also consider Fasion Bug and Catherine's.

    Another place to look for style inspiration might be Pinterest.


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